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16 mayo, 2019

Motosharing, shared motorbike, rent per minute … call it what you want, a new way of understanding the motorbike in the city, result of new technologies and an intelligent and practical public transport solution like few others. The future of urban motorbikes?

Maybe you do not know yet what we are talking about, since it is not something that has reached all the Spanish capitals. If you are from Madrid you will have seen, for a few months now, that «invasion» of electric motorcycles, some yellow, others white with a huge «e» painted. And if you are from Barcelona, ​​of course you know them, because it was the city where this solution came first and where these services abound, in some cases even in its second phase of expansion and consolidation.


How is the motosharing as say rent scooter Barcelona center?

Like any similar car service, everything works thanks to an app on the phone. This helps you to locate a free bike, reserve it and even open it, pick up the helmet from inside your trunk, start and leave.

You will have to sign up for the service through the internet or the app itself when you download it. They will ask you to send photos of your ID or driver’s license, as well as credit card information to pay for the use. In all cases it is easy to sign up and start using it.

All current motosharing services limit the use to the central «almonds» of the cities where they operate. Normally that does not mean you can not go where you want. You can, but to leave the motorcycle parked and finish your rental you have to leave it in that area again.

The prices oscillate somewhat, but in general they are cheaper than other means of transport in the city, since for the same journey you need less time. Now all these companies are still in the process of becoming known and therefore they usually offer promotions for free minutes when signing up or recommending their services to other people. Logically, this has an effect on making it even cheaper at this time. Also, in some cases, «packages» of minutes are sold at a special price, paying in advance. It is thus cheaper and convenient if you are going to use it a lot.


How does motosharing work?

You are already registered in one of these companies. When you need to go from one point to another in the city, you open the app of your motosharing service. It will open a map of the city where your position will be indicated and the free bikes that you have around. Choose the one that suits you best and click on it. It will tell you your registration, your distance to it and the battery level with the expected autonomy that you have left. You can reserve it or choose another one.

Once you have booked it you have a certain time to pick it up. You can not leave it reserved for the afternoon, but the logical time to get from where you are to it. Once at your side you unlock it with your phone, from the same app. From here start to count your rent.

There is a helmet in the trunk or under the seat (depends on the company and the scooter). There are also «hygienic berets» (you know, those bags that you put under the helmet to use and throw). Following the instructions of the app and those written on the motorcycle itself, it is not difficult to access the helmet and start the motorcycle. If you have a problem there is usually a phone to call from the app itself to talk to someone who helps you.

All electric scooters are used today in these companies. They are easy to carry and are accessible to practically anyone. When you arrive at your destination, park your helmet and stop the scooter by following the instructions. Then time stops counting, as long as you have parked inside the area of ​​use and in the app you indicate that you have finished. If you do not do it that way, the app will understand that you have only parked momentarily and that you will take the bike again. Once indicated that you have finished, the company will proceed to invoice what you have consumed and it will indicate how much you have spent, amount that will be charged to the card that you have predetermined.

Companies of motosharing as scooter rental Barcelona.

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